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Ron Kopas
Managing Director
Mr Kopas is Managing Director of West Wind Ventures Ltd. Previously, he was a Founding Director and CFO of STE (Clean Recycling and Energy) Plc, a UK based waste recycling business where he led the business’ expansion and expanded licensing and staff recruitment.
Alistair Shotliff
Mr Shotliff has 25 years' experience in both operational and development roles in waste management. He now provides technical and commercial advice to waste management contractors and developers in the UK.
Ian Price
Mr Price has 20 years’ experience in the environmental services and renewable energy industry including the successful management of operations teams, commercial contract management, tendering and procurement, and senior business development roles including Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) activities.
Lydia Staines
Miss Staines started with West Wind Ventures in August 2018. Whilst at the company she has covered a range of roles.


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